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Motif Systems can help your business grow through R&D tax relief claims that maximise your benefit and are rigorously justified. We tailor our process to your needs and bring expertise in science, engineering and tax.

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What is R&D tax relief?

SME Research & Development Tax Relief is a government scheme that allows companies to reclaim up to a third of their spending on technological and scientific advances.

“R&D” for the purposes of the relief refers to meaningful attempts to make these advances and is extremely broad in scope. Nearly all businesses developing new or improved products and services using science and technology will have aspects of their efforts that are eligible.

Indicators that R&D has taken place include:

How do I claim?

In brief, completing a claim involves identifying and understanding the undertaken R&D and its associated spending, writing a report justifying the claim with reference to HMRC’s guidelines, and compiling various financial calculations.

Motif Systems handles the full end-to-end completion of your claim, collaborating with your team in a way that works for you.

Typically, this will entail:

In addition, we are able to help your team understand R&D tax relief and guide them in developing systems and processes to identify and track it.

Motif Systems

Motif Systems is a Brighton-based specialist R&D tax relief consultancy founded by Harry Day.

Harry holds graduate and postgraduate qualifications in electronics, systems engineering, and investment management, has completed doctoral work and published in a peer reviewed journal in the field of computational neuroscience, and has experience as both a technologist and a finance professional in a variety of sectors. Most recently he was a partner at a London tax consultancy, founding its R&D tax relief team.

We have completed dozens of successful R&D claims for a diverse range of clients with a 0% failure rate.

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